What can you expect from GDT

A comprehensive sales and marketing program including but not limited to:

  • Identification and appointment of the ‘right’ distributor who will give maximum exposure to your brand.
  • Preparation and implementation of marketing plans both on a regional and (if required) individual market basis.
  • Careful allocation of available marketing funds to provide the maximum return on investment for the principal.
  • Organization and execution of visibility, distribution and consumer awareness promotional activities.
  • Order planning and forecasting to ensure distributors work towards and achieve sales budgets.
  • Ongoing monthly stock control reporting to quickly identify and react to potential in-market issues.
  • Frequently visit each market within the region to ensure the distributors maintain focus.
  • Monitor counterfeit activity in the region and take necessary measures to combat this ever-increasing threat.
  • Brand and intellectual property protection and Trade Mark defense.